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Students at Cherukuri Vidyalayam are taught values and educational methods that encourage them to discover their personality, in the best possible way.

The school is equipped with the finest of educational facilities and environment that allows the students to grasp and learn Subject Knowledge, Basic Skills and Intelligence. Students are also encouraged to think, question and learn without being restricted in any manner.

Innovative methods are used to engage the students. This helps them to think, question and learn. This way student gets to enhance their intellect.


At Cherukurividyalayam, we believe in allowing students to make decisions without fear, visualize action strategies and implement them in letter and spirit. A well-structured curriculum allows the students to stay abreast with latest trends in an ever-changing world.

Every student’s prowess is tested to make sure that they are attuned to the happenings of the world around. In addition, the curriculum is constantly evaluated and revamped and the best of class room and teaching strategies put in place to ensure that the students learn in the best possible manner.


The school has a committed and qualified faculty comprising of teaching professionals who are ever ready to help students unearth their potential and realize their goals. In tune with the latest in teaching methodologies, they are also abreast with the latest in knowledge through frequent training and learning.

The teaching faculty also makes use of workshops and orientations on field for subject enhancement to effective stress management.


The school follows a comprehensive evaluation system that includes three major term examinations and three unit tests in between.

The objective is enable the students improve their achievement in their areas and develop life Skills and attitudes that will help them take on challenges and tackle them with confidence. The USP of our comprehensive evaluation concept is that it helps students cover all aspects of student’s development.

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